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On Saturday 11 December our Wagyu Woman Karen, made a Wagyu Burger with Kosmeester Kortes.
We have received so many requests on the recipe that we used that day, and so we would like to share the recipe on our Blog. Who knows, it could be the perfect New Years solution! 


2 x 200g Wagyu Experience 
Patties (1 Packet) 
Luxury Burger Buns
1 whole regular white onion
 Kosmeester Kortes Knoffel & Kruie Spice
 1 x Camembert Cheese

Portions are mostly up to you and your preference, we love adding thick camembert cheese slices with allot of onions. 

We went with a very simple skinny fries as a side. We made them in our air fryers, it literally is the quickest and easiest, but yet the most delicious burger recipe. 

How to make these delicious burgers? 

Slice your onion into 5mm thick slices, throw them into a frying pan (we used a cast iron wok pan) with some Olive oil.

Slice your burger buns and apply butter to your preference. 

To get your onions to slightly caramelize a bit richer, add a tablespoon of butter and a teaspoon of sugar.  The key to getting your onions perfectly sweet, is to let them brown over the longest period possible on a slow burning heat. 

We light the fire in our Chad-O-Chef Boma Braai, which is ideal for grilling Wagyu Beef Patties. 

The Wagyu Beef Patties should be done for 3 min on side, it will come to medium rare. If you prefer the patty a bit more well done, add a minute to the cooking time. 

Lightly toast the Burger Buns, allowing the butte to set into the bread. 

Place your Patty on you burger buns, and put your thick sliced camembert cheese on top. The cheese will start to melt on the warm Wagyu Beef Patty straight off the braai. 

Put on your caramelized onions, with some rocket dressing, and you are done! 

We hope you enjoy this recipe, we had the best time making these Wagyu Beef Burgers. 

You can purchase you Wagyu Beef Patties right here on our website for only R 90.00 for 2 x 200g Patties. 

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