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A dream come true in the making.

The Wagyu Experience was born from an idea and not to sound too cliché, but a dream. Our Owner and his Family moved down from the Northern Cape to Paarl, leaving behind a generational farm, ready to start a new adventure. 

On the foothill of the Drakenstein mountains, the owner bought the farm, which we know today as The Wagyu Experience Farm. The dream was a place to bring people out to Paarl but also to educate the South African Braai masters about the best piece of meat in the entire world! 

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A herd of excellence & a place where everyone feels welcome.

Farming is our main activity and a natural step forward for our Owner was to continue with this practice. Years of research and building the correct contacts, the first Wagyu cattle were purchased. 

The decision of choosing to breed with Wagyu cattle was one based on personal interest and the value of these magnificent animals. 


Behind the success of every small business, there is a family.

The Wagyu Experience is a family business, the way we run our farm is based on family values and respect. We started small, with online orders and doing deliveries personally. In March 2022 we plan to open our new Wagyu Deli and restaurant, but we will keep our authentic experience and we will always have open hearts to all those who visit us. 

We give our cattle the best care and attention possible, and we apply the same approach to our clients. Having this farm as a place to have fun, feel welcome and enjoy each others conversation around a braai.

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