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Wagyu Sous Vide

Sous Vide Cooking for the ultimate Wagyu Experience

We take pride in the premium quality of our wagyu meat products and would love for everyone to try the unique flavor of the meat. The ultimate wagyu experience doesn’t need marinades or loads of spice. A simple seasoning with some salt brings out the fantastic flavors of the meat. The finishing touch of enjoying the best wagyu is the way it is cooked to perfection. Perhaps you’re a seasoned chef, or a hesitant cook who’s usually the spectator at a braai? No matter what your proficiency level is in the kitchen, there’s a method that makes it easy to cook your Wagyu perfect every time. That method is sous vide cooking.

Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide cooking is basically cooking under vacuum. The meat is seasoned and vacuum packed, then cooked in a water bath that is heated at a consistent temperature. The sous vide circulator is set at the temperature suited for the cut that is being cooked, and ensures a consistent temperature during the cooking time. This allows the full cut of meat, to reach the exact same temperature that brings out the best flavor and level of doneness.

In contrast to cooking on a grill where the outside gets hotter than the inside, risking that parts of the meat are overcooked. Sous vide cooking is a technique developed for restaurants to ensure perfect and consistent results, and now available for home cooks too. After cooking, the meat only needs a quick sear for the Maillard effect that develops the delicious flavor of the browned crust. Sous vide cooking eliminates all the stress from cooking your wagyu to perfection.


The Best Wagyu Experience

The temperature of the sous vide bath determines the level of doneness. Set the temperature to 55°C degrees for a medium rare wagyu T-bone steak where 54°C degrees will give you the perfect result for the boneless Denver steak. If you prefer it more done, increase the temperature by 3-4 degrees. As the Wagyu meat is famous for its marbling which makes it so tender, no extended cooking times are required. The cooking time depends primarily on the thickness of the cut. Feel free to email us to enquire about custom sizes according to your preferences. A thicker cut requires longer cooking time to ensure the whole piece of meat is cooked at the same temperature.

"there’s a method that makes it easy to cook your Wagyu perfect every time. That method is sous vide cooking."

Steps to cook perfect Sous Vide Wagyu Beef

After you’ve purchased your wagyu from our online store or at the deli on our farm the fun can begin! If you’re not planning to cook the meat immediately, we recommend freezing it till the day you’re going to use it. Defrost in the fridge 12 hours before cooking.

Cooking the wagyu sous vide means that you want to determine what you’d like your result to be. Do you prefer your steak rare, medium rare, medium well done even? Based on your preference you select the required temperature.

The cooking time of the tender wagyu cuts depends mostly on thickness. For tougher cuts of other meats you’d cook for longer hours. Tender cuts could only require 45 minutes. That still makes a difference as it allows the meat to be cooked to exactly that temperature that brings it to your preferred level of doneness. So the sear is only there for flavor and color, the meat is cooked to perfection already.

Based on the time and temperature that is suited for wagyu cut that you’re going to prepare, you set the temperature of the sous vide immersion circulator to heat up the sous vide bath to the desired temperature.

While the water bath is heating up, you season the meat with salt & pepper, and vacuum seal. Place the bag in the bath and cook according to recipe instructions. After the cooking time has elapsed, place the bag in an ice / cold water bath to drop the temperature. Take the meat out of the bag and use paper towel to pat the meat dry. Season again with salt & pepper. Heat a cast iron skillet until it’s piping hot and sear the meat just until nicely browned.

Check SousChef for more tips on sous vide cooking, and all the sous vide tools you need to get started.

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