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Our Wagyu Cattle

Only the best will do for our free-range Wagyu herd.
We enlisted the services of Allflex and SenseHub on our farm in Paarl, Western Cape.
SenseHub is a modular solution neck tag, that uses a sophisticated and constantly optimized algorithm, to provide practical and useful information on the reproductive health, anatomical health, nutritional needs and general wellbeing of our Wagyu herd.
The algorithm used is the result of years of experience.  It can analyze cow behavior in terms of physical activity, rumination, ingestion time, and other statuses, thus providing the user with accurate and precise information on the reproductive and health status of individual animals and groups.
Acquiring and intercepting health issues early, is what matters most to us. Our Wagyu cattle receives no growth hormones or routine antibiotics.
It is the perfect tool to keep in close contact with our Wagyu cattle, like a true guardian angel.
SenseHub monitors and observes our entire Wagyu herd 24/7.

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